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Boron Steels

Steel BS 970 1991 BS 970 1983 BS 970 1955 EN AISI / SAE Werkstöff Kerzname
170H15 170H15 170H15
170H20 170H20 170H20 15B21H 1.5523 19 MnB 4
170H36 170H36 170H36 15B35H
170H41 170H41 170H41 1.5527 40 MnB 4
173H16 173H16 173H16
174H20 174H20 174H20
175H23 175H23 175H23
185H40 185H40 185H40

These Comparison Charts are based on chemical composition and type analysis. Mechanical properties have not been taken into account although in many cases may be similar. The information in the charts should therefore be used for guidance only.