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Static Radial Pull Test

Denison Tensile Test Machine

Sample Part Number Size Test Result (Lbs.)
1 ILMF6, ILMM6 M6 45
2 ILIF250, ILIM250 .250 33.75
3 ILMF8, ILMM8 M8 279
4 ILIF312, ILIM312 .312 299
5 ILMF10, ILMM10 M10 344
6 ILIF375, ILIM375 .375 328


The body of the Ball Joint was clamped vertically in to the Tensile Test Machine with the Ball Stud hanging vertically. The Ball Stud was screwed into a test mandrel and clamped securely into the gripper jaws of the machine. The machine was then operated until the Ball Stud pulled free of the Body.


****Safe Working Load is 50% of Test Result!****